Laury Haddad

Laury Haddad is a French Lebanese singer, performing artist and actress.
Influenced by different cultures, she defines her music style as international fusion and sings in 8 languages: french, english, arabic, spanish, italian, portuguese, greek and turkish.

Laury was born in France and started singing at the age of three.
At fifteen, she starts taking music courses and her first stage experiences come along.
Later on, she enrolls at ALBA to study Audiovisual.
Quickly spotted, Laury goes professional in singing and started performing in many venues, events and weddings in Lebanon and across the world. She shows up on TV for the first time in 2010 in a Christmas video clip.
She was hosted in many TV programs like "heik mn ghanne" and "hadiss el balad"
In 2014 she took a lead role in the comic play “Wifak Watani” by Marc Kodeih.
In 2016, she joined the "Lions We sing we serve" team as they released their second album.
She is currently preparing her first single in arabic called "kel chi b7ebo fik", a mix between swing and oriental.

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